Nudges for Good

Note to my future self…

After reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits I’ve been trying to find new ways to create better cues to shape and nudge my behavior. The idea is that if there are salient cues in my environment, these will shape my behavior with relatively low amount of effort on my behalf.

Today I am running a small experiment around this idea. I’ve set up 5 recurrent reminders on the Reminders app on my phone that will get triggered at certain times throughout the day. These are short motivational phrases that will generate a push notification on my phone. The idea is to change these every week to keep things interesting.

There has been a lot of talk around why we should turn off all of our notifications because they’re distracting and I think that this is true for the ample majority of apps. However, in this case these push notifications might be exactly what I need. The action that they trigger is not procrastination. Instead, they are meant to nudge me towards what I’ve established as my ideal behavior.

To give a quick idea of what these notifications look like here are the first 5 I am starting with:

  1. Be Relentless
  2. It takes time to foster your passion
  3. Focus is your competitive advantage
  4. Day by Day – Forward
  5. Breath

That’s it. I will report back with any updates.

Now back to work…