Notion’s Impact

Note to my future self…

Today’s post is more of a mental note than a reflection on something. I wanted to make sure I write something about the impact that Notion has had in my life. Although you’re reading this in a blog or on Medium, this post (and all of the other ones I’ve written) have been writing in Notion.

If you’re not familiar with Notion, it’s an app that allows you to “Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Notion is all you need — in one tool.” At first glance it looks like any other note-taking app but my god is it powerful. I started using Notion around June 2017 when I started to look for a way to build my own personal wiki (yeah weird I know).

I absolutely fell in love with it because it’s just so different to anything else that I had used until that point. I stopped using it because I couldn’t build a good system to make it constantly useful but in June of 2018 I came back to it and I haven’t left since then.

I lack the words to express the impact Notion has had in my life but I am really trying my best. Here are the reasons why I love notion so much:

  1. It acts as an extension of my brain: Notion is built around the notion (pun intended) of blocks. So every document is like a bunch of lego pieces put together. It’s just beautiful. This has allowed me to mimic how my brain works and it has just allowed me build off the things I learn and write down.
  2. It blows my mind: I have never come across a product that fundamentally shifts the way I think about a something. I tried a bunch of other products out there (e.g. dropbox paper, Coda, Evernote, OneNote, etc.) but nothing worked. Notion is a fundamental paradigm shift in terms of how to think about documents, writing and even thinking.
  3. It inspires me: I am a fucking evangelist for this thing. I tell all my friends about it. I am obsessed about it. It brings sooo much value to my life. All of these things inspire me to build a product that can achieve what Notion has achieved. I don’t want to build something like Notion but I want to build a product that evokes in other people what Notion has evoked in me. If I can do that in my lifetime, I will have achieved peak happiness as a maker. Every time I think about a feature or a product that I am building I think to myself – what would Ivan Zhao (founder of Notion) do in this case? Legit the guy is my idol and I haven’t met him ever. All of this sounds extreme but it’s true so I won’t try to hide it.

That’s it. I just wanted to put this out there so that one there’s some proof on the internet of how great I think Notion is. This might sound crazy but I am willing to say that Notion is the most important product created since the iPhone. I don’t know if it will have the same scale but I firmly believe that it will have a similar impact in terms of fundamentally changing the way we think about something so ubiquitous as documents.

Now back to work..