Noble Missions

Note to future self…

Should we pursue noble missions?

This is something that I’ve asked myself a lot lately. I will preface the rest of this short post by saying that I think that you should work on something that you believe will make a word a better place. That definition is up to you.

Now, I’ve learned lately that in the startup world pursuing noble missions is something that’s added post-facto to many successful stories. If you’re big enough, it’s probably because you’re doing something good for the world.

I feel that pursuing “noble missions” on day one can actually lead founders astray because it can very easily become an exercise in feeding the founder’s ego. People need to feel that they’re working on something important. Therefore, it might be tempting to work on something that you feel will change the world but that nobody wants.

I’ve come to realize that solving an important problem and building a large business around that can be the single best platform to catalyze meaningful change in society.

Solving a real problem is the noble mission.

Now back to work…