My Perfect Day

Note to my future self…

An interesting thought experiment that I’ve been mulling over is this idea of mapping out my perfect day. The premise for this experiment is simple. If I can map out my perfect day I can use it as a normative model to help guide my life. I would try add more of what gets me closer to my perfect day and eliminate everything else. Simple.

I’ve heard several people talk about this idea but I never found an argument that would push me “over the fence” to actually dedicate some time to do this. That was until I read James Clear book Atomic Habits. I’ve written quite a bit about this book before but for this particular experiment what caught my attention was this graph that explained how just a few key choices throughout your day ultimately influence whether you had a good or not.

This idea is, surprise surprise, super simple but super powerful. If you can control certain key moments throughout your day (e.g. your morning and night routines, blocked time to do something, breaks, etc.) then you have a much higher chance of having a higher number of great days.

This is not about minimizing serendipity/variability, which funny enough is one of the top things in my ideal day. Instead, the purpose is to have a mental model to help me make key decisions throughout my day.

Now without further do, here’s what I think my perfect day looks like:

  1. Wake up before 5am.
  2. Do my morning routine
  3. Exercise
  4. Work and get the bulk of work done before noon.
  5. Have lunch and go for a walk.
  6. Learn something new + do something I thought I couldn’t do.
  7. Reflect and relax through writing.
  8. Read before going to sleep.
  9. Go to sleep.

On the weekend it’s the same. The only difference is discovering a new place on Saturdays.

I will print this list and put it on my vision board and reflect on it as much as I can to see how can I adapt and adjust around it.

Now back to work..