Moving Every Year

Note to future self…

Today I moved to a new place in San Francisco. It’s a 10 minute ride away. However, it feels a world apart. It’s incredible what a new neighborhood and a new view can do.

Yesterday when I started packing I realize how great of an opportunity this is. Moving every year can be a consistent and clear-cut way of resetting your environment. It forces you to re-evaluate your routines, your possessions, your general environment and your preferences.

I understand that this isn’t a possibility for everyone but I feel that in the following years I will try to make this a yearly occurrence. Maybe it’s a place with a better view, a different neighborhood, more roommates, less roommates. One year feels like a good length of time to try new things, build memories, create routines, and have those routines get ossified.

This note is more of an observation and my hope is that I can collect more of these one-time decisions that can drastically improve someone’s environment.

Note: We didn’t necessarily dislike the place we were living (we loved it!) but do to coronavirus we found a fantastic deal on a new place that ended up being “better” and more affordable. I was not looking to move to a new place this year but I am glad I did. I think it’s a good example of one event that can drastically increase the level of serendipity you experience.

That’s it. Now back to work…