Momentum precedes Product-Market Fit

Note to future self…

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. If something does seem like it, then it probably means that you don’t understand it well enough. In terms of startups achieving product-market fit tends to mark one of those moments when startups start to get noticed (for obvious reasons) and to many it might seem that they came out of no where.

After getting the chance to listen to the stories of several founders whose startups have clearly achieved product-market fit something has become painfully clear. Momentum tends to precede product-market fit.

My current hypothesis is that the best startups tend to gain momentum on their way to hitting product-market fit, as opposed to, a cold-turkey approach where they have nothing going on and suddenly they achieved product-market fit.


If momentum is a leading indicator of product-market fit, then what could we do as startup founders to get it? How do we make sure we don’t deceive ourselves and think we have it when in reality we don’t?

I will keep thinking about this and report back with any updates..

Now back to work…