Midpoint 2019

Note to future self…

Today is the last day of the first half of 2019. As I sit back and reflect on what the first half of the year I realize that a couple of things are worth highlighting:

  1. Visualizing your goals can be incredibly powerful
  2. Small gains compound fast.
  3. Choose consistency over speed any day

In the last month of this quarter I have felt that I have slowly lost “steam” on my goals. I want to use the start of this new second half to reignite the engine and make sure that the second half of the year is even better than the first half.

Focus for the H2-2019

As I look back on my goals for

  1. Build a product that +100,000 people use every day
  2. Workout at least 300 days of the year and be physically fit
  3. Read at least 36 books and write a reflection on each one of them

These were the goals towards the beginning of the year but right now we’re doubling down on the three goals that I still have to achieve. Very excited for second hald of the year(:

Now back to work…