Mental Models + Cognitive Biases

I constantly think about what tools I can use to improve the way I think, my decisions and my overall happiness. Two of the areas that I am the most interested include:

  1. Mental Models
  2. Cognitive Biases

These two “tools for the mind” are, in my opinion, perfect compliments.

On the one hand, mental models focus on creating mental representations of how we think about behavior that we experience in the world. In this sense mental models help us figure out how think about how the world work.

On the other hand, cognitive biases focus on identifying erratic behavior in our cognitive processes regarding judgment and decision making. In this sense cognitive biases help us figure out what’s wrong with the way we perceive the world.

Although these two tools have been developed in relative isolation I think that they can both be very useful in helping us better understand the world we live in.

My focus moving forward is to learn more about the different types of mental models and cognitive biases out there. I will start with this list of cognitive biases and in a couple of months will transition into focusing on mental models. I will write again about this topic as I learn more about them.