Mental Hooks

Note to future self…

Why do I write these posts? What’s the purpose? I’ve never had a good way to explain it other than it’s a way to create mental notes that I can refer back to later. Here’s a better term: mental hooks.

These posts are mental hooks that I can refer back to whenever I face certain situations throughout my day. Writing a post cements the hook in my brain. In a way it’s Feynman’s technique but for myself. I am teaching myself something that I want my future self to recall when necessary.

It’s weird but it works.

I think that seeing these posts as mental hooks rather than advice helps explain why I structure the posts in the way I do. Over time each post has evolved into one core concept (hook) that can stand on its own for future reference.

That’s it. There are no actionable takeaways other than this very #meta analysis of my own posts(:

Now back to work…