Measuring Low Points

Note to my future self..

A couple of weeks ago I pondered whether it makes sense to measure happiness and sadness as cyclical episodes. In my post Is Happiness Cyclical I wondered whether I could measure how long a “sad” period in my life lasted vs a “happy” period and use that info to make better decisions. For example, if I am sad today and I know that my typical sadness period lasts for 3 days I know that I shouldn’t panic and figure out how to deal with those 3 bad days. This might sound silly and even counterproductive but it was just a thought experiment.

This was until yesterday when I realized that for the past week (exactly 7 days) I was going through a period of confusion, lack of productivity and overall malaise. On the 8th day things turn around and I knew that I entered a period that was the complete opposite. My takeaway from this is that maybe I can establish a baseline for positive/negative periods and try to optimize my decisions/mentality for each of those.

Furthermore, whenever the next negative period comes around I already have a reference point that should improve the way I handle adversities moving forward.

This is still the very early stages of this thought experiment but I do think there’s something here. I will write more about this as I make more progress in this area.

Now back to work.