Mapping the World’s Knowledge

The Problem

Today if I want to learn something I need to know what I am looking for. However, this takes a lot of time and cognitive resources (to figure out what’s useful and what isn’t). Google is a great resource to look for information but there is simply too much information to go through all of it. Currently knowledge and insights are scattered around in Medium posts, Quora answers, YouTube videos, MOOCs, etc. It takes someone that is very motivated to figure all of this out.

The Pain

I believe that this is a pain that many people face but few (to my knowledge) voice because it’s a latent pain. Every time you want to know something it might take you only a couple of extra minutes to figure out the information that you want. However, that compounds over time.

The Solution

What if we had a layer of information on top our current blocks of knowledge that will make it easy for people to understand everything that they need to know about a domain including key figures, concepts, etc. The key is to build a platform that indexes this knowledge in an organized and clean manner.

The Potential Mission

Build the “World’s Practical Wiki.” By this I mean that we will build a wiki-style platform that will cover everything that you need to know in a given domain including key figures, concepts, etc. The first domains can be technology focused topics like cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Afterwards, we can move into other areas like venture capital, entrepreneurship, etc.

Our mission is “to map and connect the world’s knowledge”.

The Vision

I believe that in the future people will be able to learn things a lot faster by having a resource that contains all the latest knowledge that they need in a centralized and sanitized place. This will lower the barrier of entry for millions of individuals and it will allow people to focus on creating new things and do productive work rather than spend time trying to figure out the basics of what they want to do.


  1. Is text the best way to consume information in this new platform?