Managing your own psychology

Note to my future self..

Managing your own psychology seems to be one of the hardest things for me right now. In days when things are not going right I get sad and it takes me some time to regain my focus.

I understand that this probably the hardest part about starting something on your own and not getting any feedback right away but it’s still hard.

I feel that this is why it’s so important to have a solid group of friends, partners and systems to support you.

The problem I am particularly having with my own psychology is feeling that I am not doing enough. Right now I feel that I am not doing much because I am waiting on other things to happen and this is frustrating because I have come to associate (for better or for worse) motion with progress.

I don’t have an answer for my future self for what to do when you feel down and confused. The only remedy that I can offer is that you should be aware that this too shall pass. Low moments are part of the ride. We can use these low points to help us build back up, understand what matters to us, do less but better.

All in all life is a mind game and it’s up to us to play it well.