Make a Life that is Interesting not Perfect

A note to my future self..

Today I was listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Drew Houston and in it Drew said something that stuck with me. He said:

Make a life that’s interesting not perfect.

This is such a simple and straightforward piece of advice that can be easily forgotten in the mechanics of everyday life. Our society constantly reinforces the idea that perfection is the ultimate goal and anything outside of that is dismissed because it’s hard to understand and doesn’t fit nicely into a box. Even stories of overcoming adversity tend to dismiss the fact that the individual is still facing constant challenge and that their lives are far from perfect.

In any case, I agree with Drew that an interesting life is worth 10x more than a seemingly “perfect” life. I want to be able to look back on my life and see how serendipity played its part.

I love the uncertainty of not knowing exactly how things will play out and to me that’s interesting even if it means taking more risks and consequently failing more.

When things get hard I just need to remind myself:

Make a life that’s interesting not perfect.