Low Point

Note to future self…

Today I’ve hit a low point. In the span of a 24 hours the following has happened. We got rejected by a potential investor. I got a letter from the government saying that they can’t process my paperwork so my legal status in the US is uncertain. I learned that my girlfriend kinda cheated on me. I am also running out of money. This fucking sucks.

I don’t want to look back at this entry and feel bad for myself. I want to make sure I have a record of hitting my low points.

I am actually writing this the day after this all happened because I had too many things going on in my head to put to paper. As I write this post in a coffee shop in San Francisco in a TV nearby I am seeing Tiger Woods make one of the epic comebacks in sports history by winning The Masters. The timing couldn’t be better. It took Tiger 14 years to make this comeback. It’s a great reminder that low points are just temporary. This too shall pass. Use this low point to bounce back.

Adversity creates clarity.

Trust the process.


Now back to work…