Low Hanging Fruit Tasks

Note to my future self..

Today I came across this tweet and it gave me fantastic idea for a personal experiment to run.

I decided that I would segment my work into two lists of tasks:

  1. Core tasks
  2. Low-Hanging Fruit tasks

The former would take the bulk of my time and I would do them during the day from say 8-6pm and the latter would fill-up the rest of my time and my Saturdays. Having this concrete distinction between important work and more menial tasks should be a great tool to figure out when to do what.

Another reason why I wanted to have a list like this is because it allows me to still be “productive” when I am mentally tired or I have some downtime. I can, in theory, just do a quick task from this list at time where I would otherwise not being doing much. Of course, I can already see how this can create bad incentives (e.g.putting things on the “low-hanging fruit list” that’s not useful) but if I keep a high bar for what makes into any of the two lists we should be good.

Again no system will be perfect but as long as it helping me achieve my goals I am happy(:

Now back to work..