Low Ego

Yesterday I was listening to an interview of Mathilde Collin the CEO of Front and she brought up something that stuck with me. Collin talked about how entrepreneurs have to have a very low ego in order to be able to put ideas and products in front of people and get their feedback. This is not only a detachment from your shitty demos but a genuine love for negative feedback of something that you create.

I think that this is a necessary trait for successful entrepreneurs but a hard ask nonetheless because you’re asking someone to irrationally believe in their idea one second and the next they have go out and get people to poke holes on their little baby. Being able to balance both things seems to be a hard act but one that, if successful, can substantially increase an entrepreneur’s likelihood of building something that people want.

Now the obvious question is how can we lower our egos? I think that there’s no straightforward answer to this other than have a lot of conviction on your long-term vision and be flexible on how you get there. I think this applies for entrepreneurship, as well as, other areas of life. If we firmly believe in where we want to go, then the bumps on the road matter a lot less.