Look Forward to the Day Ahead

Note to future self…

Every day before going to sleep I journal. In my night entry I write down the three things that I want to accomplish the next day, as well as, what’s something that I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Lately, I’ve been realizing the importance of being excited about at least one thing that you will do tomorrow. I’ve found that going to bed with this in mind has given me a lot of leverage by:

  1. Making sure I have something to look forward to (obvious)
  2. Forcing my brain to double check that everything that I want to work on is actually important

This last one is particularly important because we can fall into the trap of just looking forward to the same things day after day.

Next Steps

I am thinking about stepping this up and doing this every single day for something work related. Right now it’s a mix but I feel that by focusing on work I can ensure that I am always working on impactful things.

Ok that’s it.

Now back to work…