Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where we have lost the box

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle where we have lost the box so we are left with a bunch of pieces that we have to put together to build an image (a.k.a. our story). Some of those pieces fit nicely together but others don’t. Sometimes we try to fit those pieces together because they look like they are meant to go together but they really don’t.

Sometimes we start by putting together the four corners, which act as anchor points and help us build the rest of our image. Those four corners will vary between individuals but they are usually our family, friends, job and hobbies. Sometimes we figure out some of the pieces in one corner but not in another and that’s ok because we will always have a point of reference to help us build our full image.

We might not now what our final image looks like but as long as we’re enjoying putting it together I think that we will be fine.

Finally, we shouldn’t compare our puzzle with those of other people. We all have different pieces and different methods for putting those pieces together. I think it’s great to ask people for help with your puzzle and see what others have done to get an idea about how you could do things. Nevertheless, at the end of the day it’s our life, our puzzle and our pieces so go build whatever the heck you want.

This piece was heavily influenced by Daniel Sloss’s Netflix comedy special (both episodes). Please watch the whole thing.