It’s not over until you say so

Today I heard this quote from a guy that I really admire and it got me thinking that grit is this ability to keep going because as this guy’s father said “It’s not over until you say so.” This line is based on this principle that greatness is a decision. We decide to do great things and we do wait for others to give us their approval.

This decision to be excellent means refusing to make excuses. This easier said than done but we must resist. Along the same line doing great things means getting rid of all the distractions that will try to prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

Steve Jobs once said something that in my opinion relates a lot to the ideas above. Jobs once said “rules were made by people that are not smarter than you’re.” The same thing applies for all the other great things that you see around you including the great companies and products that we all admire. Once you realize this the way you approach the world changes and you suddenly realize that nothing is out of reach. You can change your world.

Anyways enough with the idealistic talk. Back to work…