Iterate towards your Niche

Note to future self…

Today I listened to a podcast by Naval Ravikant where he encouraged people to do the following:

“Become the best in the world at what you do. Keep redefining what you do until this is true.”

The second part of this sentence is where the money is at. I had never thought of building a feedback loop around the idea of becoming the very best in the world at something but it’s brilliant. If you can make this feedback loop tight enough you might hit escape velocity fairly quickly.

The logic behind Naval’s point is that if you want to get paid/be successful in this world you need to be the #1 at what you do and it’s fine if that thing is super niche as long as you’re the #1. Some of the most successful people in the world take this to the extreme. Some people are the #1 in the world at being themselves (e.g. Oprah, Joe Rogan).


Naval suggests that we should keep refining your objective until it arrives at your interests + what you can be the best at.

This piece of advice inspired me to start a new note where I define in one sentence what I think I am the best in the world at. The idea is that I will revisit this note periodically and adjust that statement to reflect what I am becoming the best at. The result will probably be a statement that’s super specific and niche but that is true(:

Now back to work…