Is Happiness Cyclical?

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about whether happiness is cyclical or not? By that I mean if there’s a pattern to how much time you can be truly happy before you experience sadness?

I’ve written about how happiness is your neutral state and how true happiness is not fulfillment of desire but the lack thereof. I think those things are true and my thought process assumes that that is the case. Therefore, if happiness is your neutral state, is there a limit to how much time you can spend in your neutral state before you’re thrown off by the entropy of the outside world?

I will go even a step further and ask whether you can go a specific number of days feeling just happy or are there a minimum number “sad” days every X days of happiness?

I know that this might sound like weird questions to ask but I think about them a lot. After having a fantastic week I start to catch myself thinking that it’s ok if things go wrong in the next couple of days because I’ve enjoyed a great streak of “happy” days this week.

This might be bizarre but I think that it can be powerful to know the “lifecycle of your happiness”. For example, if every 14 days you will inevitably have at least 1-2 ‘sad” days, then you can identify those dips in your mood and recognize that you’re at the low point in your cycle of happiness.

In other words you’re simply reframing your sadness in the context of every other day that you’ve been happy. I am sure that there are other more straightforward ways of doing this but I find this cyclical/quantitative way to be an interesting and different way of doing that.

Again this is a very raw thought experiment and in the upcoming weeks I will try to come up with a better framework to think about this. I will also try to “model my happiness” and see if I can catch any patterns (: