Note to future self…

Today I started another personal experiment to help me understand how I spend my time.

For context, I have a list of tasks of what I’ve accomplished every week. Moving forward I will add a column to that list and put each task in one of three buckets: Input, Output or Reflection.

Input means that I spend time consuming information (reading, watching, researching, etc.). Output means that I spend time producing something (designing, writing, pitching, etc.). Reflection means that I spend time reflecting on previous tasks or planning future ones.

These are my objectives for this experiment:

  1. Understand how I distribute my time for important activities across these categories.
  2. Increase the amount of time I dedicate to reflect on my progress & plans.
  3. Reduce low-leverage Input/Output.
  4. Increase high-leverage Input/Output.

I don’t expect a lot of overhead for conducting this experiment because it’s just adding a tag to my completed tasks at the end of the week.

That’s it. I will report back if I make any interesting progress. Really looking forward to this(:

Now back to work…