Input ≠ Output

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with how I structure my days to be as efficient as I can. Initially I thought that the more hours I could squeeze in a day the more productive I could be, which means the relationship between input and output is linear. In other words, the more I work the more results I get. This assumption, model or whatever you want to call it is extremely powerful because of how intuitive it seems.In physics, the more force you exert on an object the more acceleration it gets.

This is “if this, then that” relationship assumes that all type of input is equal and that’s what I think I’ve gotten wrong. See I believe that there’s some work that’s a lot more valuable than anything else that you can do. That’s obvious. What isn’t obvious is that you can actually get better results by JUST doing the most important work. By focusing on what’s essential you can have more time to do what’s essential and you get time to explore possibilities that you would otherwise be too busy to explore. Furthermore, focusing on what’s essential and creating some extra bandwidth for yourself can be a great strategy because it makes work sustainable over time. This is what I initially wanted and the reason why I am trying to focus exclusively on the things that are the most essential to me.

So far it’s been really hard because there’s this temptation to try and do it all but I believe that it’s the best strategy moving forward. I will write an update on how this goes.