Idea Checklist

Note to future self…

Today I had the opportunity of hearing someone say that you should prepare your mind for when the right startup idea hits. This person told me how Drew Houston from Dropbox has time framework known as the idea checklist.

The idea checklist is a simple concept. It’s a series of characteristic or attributes that you want to make sure your idea has before you commit to work on it. If your idea doesn’t have these attributes it’s a deal breaker. I really liked this concept so here’s my idea checklist:

  1. Make money on day one
  2. Be a problem that I have/understand.
  3. Be a problem that I feel proud of pitching it to my friends/family

My full list of criteria is longer but these three are the absolute dealbreakers. Hopefully, an idea that checks off these three points is something that I can see myself working on for the next 10+ years.

Now back to work…