How to talk to strangers

Note to future self…

Today I came across this really interesting podcast episode by the creator of Social Animal. In it he brings up this really interesting point that talking to strangers is hard because we can’t relate to them in the same way we can relate to childhood friends. We need clubs, associations and a bunch of other things as an excuse to interact with strangers even though everyone is craving connection.

Ruben, the interviewee, encourages us to stop asking our selves how can I gain more confidence talk to this person? and instead, focus on asking ourselves

How can I change my perspective so that I realize I don’t need any confidence?

We don’t really live in reality. We live in our perception of reality, which can be very different from reality.


Talking to strangers is a skill that we should prioritize more given how high ROI it is. Specific next steps coming up..

Now back to work…