Hit Reset. Frequently.

Today I woke up thinking that I was going to have the most productive day ever. I was able to wake up early, go to gym and prepare my plan for the rest of the day and then… I could not do anything. zee-ro. I wasn’t really tired or hungry or bored. I was just not feeling it and in my mind this was worst than being tired or super busy because I had nothing to blame my lack of enthusiasm on other than myself.

The Experiment

So instead of banging my head against a wall on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I decided to make the most out of my severely underutilized MoviePass membership and go watch a movie. I had no movie in mind. Anything would do it as long as it was able to distract me and get my mind off the infinite loop it was in. So I hit up a friend that was spending the summer in the bay area as well and we went to see this very mediocre drama. I didn’t really get the plot of the movie at all. Maybe I am not sophisticated enough for its convoluted plot line and character development. Regardless of my impressions of the movie this little experiment worked out. I walked out of the movies feeling lighter and looking forward to the rest of the evening. I didn’t do any work that Sunday as I had planned BUT I was able to go to sleep early and go back full speed on Monday morning, which was honestly a way better decision to begin with.

The Takeaway

The key takeaway I got from this is that it is essential to understand that we have the capacity and the need to periodically reset both physically and mentally. Taking breaks is obviously necessary because it is in moments of leisure that we can explore new paths and reflect on what’ve accomplished. However, to me resetting goes a step further than a normal break. Resetting to me is an intentional disconnection from our current mental state.

The next step for me in this little experiment is to figure out how to identify when I need to reset and do it quickly. This is only the beginning of this journey but so far it’s working great for me and maybe it will for you too. Hence, why I am writing this post. If you feel that this might be useful to someone you know or to your network in general please be sure to share.

Also, if I can help with anything feel free to reach out – hi@xavierpladevall.com