Heterogeneous Input

Note to my future self…

Lately I’ve noticed that it has been harder for me to come up with good and insightful posts. Part of it I think is because I haven’t had a chance to read enough this past couple of weeks (a high volume of unpredictable work).

This highlights a bigger issue with this site. Most of my posts are essentially a collection of ideas where I’ve put through a grinder (my mind) a what comes at the other end are these posts(:

There are two underlying issues with this:

  1. Content Dependency: My brain is bounded by the content that it is exposed to. This is something that I’ve severely underrated. Sure I read a lot of good books/articles and I’ve decreased low-density content by deactivating my social accounts (except Twitter) and blocking distracting sites. However, this is table stakes. It’s a good start but not enough. Although I am aware that I am currently building a foundation by reading and exposing myself to the basics, I should keep in mind that in order to develop truly innovative insights I need to push myself beyond the canon of Silicon Valley and look for new content that peaks my curiosity.
  2. Cooling Period: I write a lot of posts because I am usually inspired by the idea/question/problem that I am writing about. A lot of times I’ve been thinking about it for a while and the post is my first chance to consolidate that thought in memory. This is fine for most posts. The problem arises when I write posts based on some euphoric reaction I had to something. I am working on becoming less reactive (for expiring information) but it’s a delicate balance. I will still occasionally let euphoria drive stream of thoughts like this one(:


There’s a lot going on in this post but here’s the key takeaway for me:

Be mindful of the sources that you expose yourself to. At the end of the day, if you are not intentional it’s garbage in and garbage out.

Now back to work…