Having the Infrastructure in Place

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what success looks like and what should we do once we achieve it.

What I’ve realized is that thinking about success before achieving is an interesting exercise because it forces you to think about the path that you have to take towards getting to where you want to go. For example, if you want to become a great actor then you need to be comfortable in front of a camera, you need to be able to memorize lines, be able to generate emotional reactions on a short notice, etc. In short, you need to have to the core skills necessary to be an actor so that whenever you get “lucky overnight” you’re able to sustain your initial success and keep growing your career. In my opinion the same notion translates to other fields including entrepreneurship.

However, this contradicts something that I hear a lot in Silicon Valley which is that most founders or people that work at startups are terribly unqualified for their job whenever they are building a company. So how do you reconcile both seemingly valid ideas. Well I personally think that they are so disparate. If you think about it in order to build a great company you don’t need prior experience building one but you do need the right infrastructure in place to quickly learn new things, pivot when necessary, and scale when the time comes.

Now what the “right infrastructure” might be is probably different for different people. For some people it might mean having the technical skills to build an mvp of their product. For other people it might be having the right network that they can tap into whenever they need help. I am currently forming my own thoughts on what’s the “core infrastructure” that I need to have in place. If you have any thoughts on this please be sure to drop me a line.