Having High Standards for Yourself

I feel that keeping high standards in life can be hard some times. Some times we get confused in our pursuit of a goal and whenever we can’t achieve our original objective we tend to default to the next best option. This is inconsequential for most decisions in life. For example, it doesn’t really matter if the supermarket ran out of your favorite brand of ketchup and you had to buy some generic ketchup. In this case, keeping a high standard doesn’t have a significant impact for most people.

Nevertheless, there are certain areas in your life where having a high bar for yourself is super important. For example, it’s important to keep a high bar for your friendships, your romantic relationships, your diet, your job, etc. Now when it comes to these important categories I believe that there’s this very important trade-off between having high standards and having realistic expectations of what you can achieve.

The classic example in this case is someone not entering a romantic relationship because they can’t find anyone that meets their standards when maybe the problem is that they have unrealistic expectations for the type of people that would want to be in a romantic relationship with them. This might sound tough but I see it happening all the time.

In my case, I am struggling to keep a high standard as I decide what I want my first job to be. Many people have told me that it doesn’t really matter because after two years I can pivot into something else. Others have said that I should take any job in the company that I want and hustle my way to the position that I ultimately want to be in. Others have suggested that I should go for the position that I want work on long-term even if the company is not exactly the best. Ultimately, I think this decision boils down to keeping a high bar for myself while also being realistic about what I can achieve.

The Takeaway

I think the key takeaway for me from this thought experiment is that I should always choose to keep a high bar for myself and not compromise even if that means not being successful on the short term. I feel that too many of us compromise too soon and the only way of becoming the best version of yourself is too keep pushing specially when things are not going your way.

Note to my future self.

Keep high standards.