Hard Work as an Excuse for the Mind

Note to my future self..

Last week I was listening to a podcast episode (forgot which one) and something compelled me to write the following:

Hard work can be an excuse for the mind. If we fail we can tell ourselves that at least we tried.

I think the reason why I found this quote so interesting is because it hit directly home. As someone that prides himself a lot in having a very strong work ethic this was a hard argument to swallow. The problem is that I know that it’s true. This is what makes it so hard.

I know that effort does not equal outcome but when internalize it to this level it can give you a ton of clarity.

Now what can we do about it? Should we stop working hard? Should we avoid failure? I think neither of these are viable if the objective is to accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves.

That leaves us with a couple of possible solutions. First, we can acknowledge that hard work is a prerequisite for success but it doesn’t guarantee it. Second, we start trying to be more strategic about what we work on so that we’re just not deploying massive amounts of energy, time and other resources into work that won’t yield the results that we want.

All in all this idea that hard work can be an excuse for the mind should serve as a warning sign that we should always examine what we do and why we’re doing it. Finally, it’s also a reminder that sometimes things are outside of your control but even then you have to keep fighting. There’s just no other option(:

Now back to work..