Happiness is not the achievement of pleasure but about the lack of desire.

Note to future self.

Every time that you feel sad remember this:

Happiness is not the achievement of pleasure but the lack of desire.

I initially came across this idea in this book called Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat and recently read about it again in James Clear’s Atomic Habit. I think that both authors arrived to the same conclusion from very different angles but in the end they both presented very compelling arguments for why happiness is really our natural state and any deviation from that is not happiness.

Happiness is this elusive thing that we all want but never seem to get a hold of. I think that we frequently forget that our proxies for happiness (e.g. money, status, relationships, accomplishments, etc.) are just that proxies. True happiness is within ourselves and it’s not something that we achieve or generate. Happiness is something we come back to. Happiness is our natural state.

Don’t forget that.