Good Moments Bad Moments

In this day and age you can’t hear people talking about social media without also talking about its negative effects on society. People argue that social media disconnects us from the outside world, it distracts us, it can make us unhappy and it presents an inaccurate picture of other people’s lives. This last point is the topic of this short essay.

The idea that social media portrays a hyper-curated version of our lives is nothing new. In this case I am particularly referring to Instagram. Now what can we do about it? Although I seldom post on Instagram, I am starting a little experiment where for every good moment that I post I am also posting a “bad” moment that I have. This 50/50 split is probably not representative of how my days actually are because I do tend to be happy most of the time. Nevertheless, I hope that it can convey the fact that our lives are not really as perfect as we make them to be.

I will note that some people already address this by having finstas (fake instagram accounts) that they only share with their close friends or they use Snap. However, I think this doesn’t really address the problem because you’re just exacerbating the problem wherever it is that you have your curated account with most of your followers.

In the grand scheme of things social media does feel a little trivial but I hope that this experiment helps a few of my friends realize that it’s not all fun and games (although most of it is 🙂).