Good and Great Storytellers

Note to future self…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while:

What’s the difference between a good storyteller and a great storyteller?

Here’s my attempt at making a distinction:

A good storyteller entertains. He or she keeps the audience in the loop and guides them through the arc of the story.

A great storyteller goes a step beyond and teaches you something about yourself that you hadn’t internalized before.

Alternative Interpretation

An alternative interpretation to my own could be that a great storyteller makes you “feel” something. This is very romantic and appealing idea (I’ve want to believe it myself). The fact that someone can manipulate your state of mind through words without being physically present with you feels like a super power and it is.

However, I think that this isn’t enough. You can induce fear, excitement or sadness in people through commonly known techniques (e.g. suspenseful music) but it’s much harder to make something resonate with someone to the point where they somehow internalize it and in some capacity adopt a certain part of your story as part of their reality.

This thoughts are not fully fleshed out but at least is a start. Will update in due time.

That’s it. Now back to work…