Goals on Autopilot Mode

When 2018 started I told myself that I would get better at reaching my goals. I would try to be more diligent about tracking my progress, focus my efforts on a couple of goals only, and make sure that my goals aligned with my values and life objectives. So that’s what I did. I planned a series of goals that I would work towards every day.

If there’s friction it is not working

This all sounded great to me. And it was for like a couple of weeks in January. I felt that there a was lot of friction. It was becoming hard to keep up with my goals. I would keep forgetting what my goals were (I only had like 4😂). This was very stressful for me. I didn’t want to go another year with out accomplishing my goals. I had told my friends and family about them. I had spent all this time coming up with “S.M.A.R.T” goals and all of that. I was beyond the point of no return.

Butter Goals

Bare with me and that sub-header for a second. After a couple of weeks I realized that if I wanted to keep up with my goals for the rest of the year and not burn out and be miserable I would have reduce the amount of stress that I was putting on my brain. In order to reduce the cognitive load I tried to redefine my goals so that I could easily recall them. This is what my goals looked liked before and after:

  1. Become a better programmer by completing 3 coding projects by Dec. 31. → Program 30min per day
  2. Read 12 books per year by Dec. 31 → Read 10 pages per day
  3. Achieve a body fat % of X% and weigh X pounds by Dec. 31 → Exercise 3 times per week
  4. Other Goals → Got rid of them

The Results

The change was almost immediate. I felt that I had taken weight off my shoulders overnight. By focusing on only three things that I could recite in one tweet I let me brain engage with them more naturally. If you feel this could help then you should definitely try it out.

This is only the beginning of this journey but so far it’s working great for me and maybe it will for you too. Hence, why I am writing this post. If you feel that this might be useful to someone you know or to your network in general please be sure to share.

Also, if I can help with anything feel free to reach out – hi@xavierpladevall.com