Goals in service of other goals

Note to my future self..

This year I have focused a lot on narrowing down my goals from 7-10 to 5 and now to 1. I’ve also focused on building a system around my goals so that I know I am making constant progress towards these goals. So far this has worked very well for me and the progress is evident. Now the purpose of this short post is to discuss how I am moving towards a model where I have only one primary goal and maybe 3-4 secondary goals that support my primary goal. The idea being that the goals and the corresponding systems feed of each other instead of operating in isolation.

For example, right now my #1 goal is to build out the startup that I am working on with Eduardo. That’s it. Now I have secondary goals that I believe make me happier and at the same time help me accomplish my #1 goal. These secondary goals include:

  1. Reading: This year my goal was to read 2 books per month and I will actually go over my goal this year. Reading allows me to learn about relevant topics for my startup but also relevant information about my other goals. For example, right now I am reading a book on the importance of sleep.
  2. Writing: Every day I write a post like this and a journal entry. Writing helps me connect the dots, build compounding habits and record my progress.
  3. Exercising: Taking care of my body means that I have the energy necessary to work my startup.
  4. Meditating: Again taking care of my state of mind makes sure I can dedicate enough energy and focus to what matters most.

With 2019 right around the corner I am super excite to double down on this system. There’s nothing new to this approach and I am not changing anything in my current system. I just think that being more intentional about how I structure my goals can help me achieve more. That’s it.

Now get back to work.