Get Married to a Vision not an Implementation

Lately, I’ve realized the importance of distinguishing between believing in a long-term mission and developing a short-term implementation of your vision. I think that having a clear long-term vision serves as an anchor for yourself and others to understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. When things get hard you can always go back to your long-term vision to try to find your way back. I’ve realized that the implementation of whatever I want to do will inevitably change due to external factors that are for the most part out of my control and that’s ok.

I say this because for the past couple of weeks I’ve been working with one of my friends on this idea to build a project management tool to help people achieve their goals. We are clear on our vision for the product, which is to let people accomplish anything that they want. However, we’ve realized that our implementation (i.e. how we get there) will inevitably change based on the feedback that we get, engineering constraints, timelines, etc.

Thus, I’ve found that reminding ourselves about the difference between our long-term vision and our current implementation can be a great way to keep yourself and others aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish even if you’re a long way from getting there.