Fresh Start. Every day.

Note to my future self…

Lately, I’ve become more convinced that our lives follow cyclical patterns of behavior and that mastering these cycles is one of the highest leverage things you can do. A key part of any cycle is knowing when it starts and when it stops (alt: the high and low points). If we assume that we have control over our own internal patterns of behavior, we can easily how powerful it can be to reset those cycles when things are not working out.

This post is exactly that. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how can I “reset” my focus every day so that I can minimize the distractions and cognitive load that I carry from one day to the next. So today I am starting a little experiment where I will be closing all of my tabs every single day (on both desktop and mobile) right before I finish working for that day. This might sound trivial especially if you’re reading this 10 years from now but trust me. In 2019, tabs in browsers are like fat clogging your arteries.

In any case, I started to use this nifty chrome extension called Workona to get the job done. My close friend Eduardo recommended me another extension called Toby but after playing with both I think that I will go with the former. If you’re interested in a tool like this make sure you check out both. The whole point of this extension is that it helps you manage your tabs and structure them into workspaces.

After playing with this tool for a while it dawn on me how useful it can actually be. By organizing my workflows into tabs that I can open/close in batches I should be able to focus a lot better on doing the work that matters the most. Super pumped about where this could go. I will report back with any updates.

Now back to work..