Founder’s Speed

Note to future self…

I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest factor’s in predicting a founder’s success is their speed of iteration. However, how do you measure speed in this case? I keep hearing advisors say speed of execution is important but how do you measure this? How fast is fast?

Is it a cadence of shipping new features? Is it speed of talking to customers? How do you measure speed? Can it even be quantified? Should we even aim to quantify it?


Founder’s speed is all about having a tight learning-execution loop. This is an ongoing process of discovery and tweaking. Some techniques to help sharpen the knife might include:

  1. Daily: Define highest-leverage task
  2. Weekly: Define 10x activities
  3. Question: Do we have to do this? How can this be done faster? What are we trying to prove?

Again this is an ongoing exercise so I will write more on this if anything changes.

Now back to work…