Founder-Market Fit

Note to future self…

Last week I wrote about the how you need to acknowledge that you will miss out on great opportunities and that’s ok. Today I want to address the same issue from a different angle. I believe that great opportunities are not a great fit for you even if you know you could take advantage of it. In this particular case I am referring to startup opportunities.

I’ve heard some people talk about this idea of founder-market fit for a while and superficially it seems intuitive. If you have a certain set of skills you might be the best person to take advantage of a specific opportunity.

Nevertheless, what I’ve realized this week is that you need to be the absolute best person in the work to on a particular in order to have a chance at winning. Why? If you aren’t 100% consumed by the problem that you’re working on then you will just not push as hard as someone else might even if things are working out. You will just not think about it in the shower or before going to sleep. This might seem a little extreme but right I just feel it’s true.


There’s nothing new in what I am saying but I feel that it’s something that I had to learn empirically in order to internalize it. That’s it.

Now back to work…