Following your Gut

Facing two potential outcomes of equal probability,ceteris paribus, go with your fucking gut.

Note to future self..

You should follow your gut. There will be a few instances in life when you will have to make truly tough decisions where there is no clear answer. In those instances when you can’t make up your mind after evaluating the data and running different scenarios in your head just stop. Stop for a second and ask yourself:

What is my gut telling me?

You know exactly what it is. If you don’t ask yourself will I regret not doing Option A? what about Option B? The one you wish you could do if you could only do one is your winner. This week I made the mistake of making a decision (Option A) that seemed the most rational even though my gut told me that I should have gone with the alternative (Option B).

I need to remind myself that these are hard decisions for a reason. We won’t always get them right and in many cases we might need to make wrong decisions in order to learn BUT in every case it’s important to listen to your gut.