Every Idea Has Been Invented

Note to future self…

Every idea has been invented.

After working for several months on Houston (a project that compiles interesting for problems for people to solve) I’ve realized that people have tried pretty much every idea that you can think of. Although this is obviously not 100% accurate, I think it’s an incredibly powerful assumption for founders to make because it can help you zero-in on what’s different about the product that you’re trying to build.

If you assume that everything has been invented and tried it out, you don’t get discouraged by previous solutions or even current competitors. Assuming that everything has already been invented forces to focus on answering one question:

What is different now?

This is the classic why now question rephrased. It’s as simple as it sounds. What has changed from a regulatory, technological, or consumer behavior perspective that has opened up an exponential opportunity?

If we can answer that and prove it, we’ve won have the battle.

Now back to work…