Note to future self…

In good times and in tough times it’s important to emotionally detach yourself from your outcomes as much as you can. This is particularly true during tough times. During really hard times I’ve noticed how hard it’s to remain composed even if you know everything is ok. Even if you’ve gone through your mental check and balances 1000 times sometimes life throws a wrench on your engine that you didn’t see coming.

In the past, I thought we should avoid these events that cause so much pain but now I think that we should focus on regulating myself once the event occurs. This is sort of a big inconsistency in the way I tend to operate.

I usually advocate for a proactive rather than a reactive approach to life and by the same token I tend to side on our ability as individuals to have agency.

However, I have to come to terms with the fact that I don’t operate in a vacuum. I am actually just a speck of dust serving a much bigger system – the universe. In light of that, my proactive self takes a back seat and instead I try to put forth my even-tempered self. During tough times equanimity should be your modus operandi.

Equanimity (n): mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

I feel that during tough times most people (including myself) struggle to see that the next win is just around the corner. Most people can’t keep looking for that next rock that’s their stepping stone so they freak out and just give up.

During good times you should also be even-tempered even if that isn’t as fun but that’s a discussion for another day.

Now back to work…