Embrace Foolishness

Note to my future self…

You have to embrace being foolish. Before I explain why here’s a little bit of context.

Typically I would consider myself as someone who’s very “professional”. In other words, I like to have my shit together and I want other people to know that I have my shit together. This has usually worked really well for me. Not only that but it has been a behavior that has been constantly reinforced throughout my life (especially childhood). My parents and teachers would always praise me for composed, mature and responsible. I was always the kid that had things “figured out” and seldom would I look like an idiot because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Well that has to change. At least some of it. See the problem is that this part of my “identity” that got me to where I am today might not help me get to where I want to go next. Always having “my shit together” is great for certain things but not for taking big risks. Being afraid of looking dumb severely decreases my confidence to take big bold risks. The incentives are just not well aligned.

For awhile I’ve been looking at different ways of embracing a more “foolish” approach to trying new things. My biggest effort to date is starting a company where I am not 100% of what the end product looks like but where I am 100% certain that the market will be very interesting in the future. Embracing foolishness doesn’t stop here. It’s more of an iterative process that I have to slowly internalize and make it part my core identity. Let’s see how it goes (:

Now back to work…