Embarrass Yourself

Note to future self…

Today a friend and I were talking about this importance of being ok with embarrassing yourself. This made me wonder if this is a skill that you can develop?

Can you practice embarrassing yourself regularly so that you realize that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of what others think of you?

A skill like this can be tremendously powerful. Someone who isn’t afraid of making mistakes can think and execute on the biggest ideas.


I’ve decided to start a weekly experiment where I try to do something embarrassing as part of my broader effort to do “risky” things. Doing embarrassing things is a lot more concrete and actionable so this should be helpful.


Embarrassing yourself can make you more comfortable on your own skin. It can also be a lot of fun.

I am still experimenting a lot with this so I will see how things go and follow up with a longer post later.

That’s it.

Now back to work…