Don’t Measure How Many Hours You Work

A note to my future self..

People (especially founders) should not be measured by how many hours they work because their success is measured by their output not their effort.

I’ve always found it fascinating how much people talk about how much they work in terms of hours. To me it seems a little counterintuitive because I don’t really count how many hours I work any given day. See I think about working hours in the same way I think about temperature. I don’t really know what 32F or 90F really means but I know that one of it means it’s really cold and the other one means its really hot. In other words, saying you work 4 hours vs 80 hours per week doesn’t tell me much other than you spend little time or a lot of time in your office [space].

Furthermore, I think it’s a dangerous metric to track because hours worked is a proxy (probably not even a good one) for effort. However, you don’t win by overworking your competition. You win by outsmarting them and that just doesn’t come through pure hustle.

Finally, in jobs that require an irrational amount of dedication like starting a company, being an athlete or something to that effect it makes no sense to count how many hours you work because at least in my experience you’re thinking about your job 24/7!

Now back to work.