Don’t forget, you are going to die

Note to future self…

Another day, another personal experiment. This one is about getting periodic reminders that I will die(:

Now hear me out. There’s a purpose behind this. Yesterday I wanted to approach someone but I felt nervous so I didn’t do it. I know that there’s no point in feeling like this but I still did. Afterwards, I told myself hey listen one day this will all be over and any shame you might have felt won’t matter. However, you don’t want to be old and regret stuff.

Now I’ve had this same thought probably hundreds if not thousands of times in my life. However, yesterday something different happened. I remembered reading this article in The Atlantic titled “The App That Reminds You You’re Going to Die” and a lightbulb went off.

What if I had random reminders throughout my day that I will effectively die. I believe that it will encourage me to act more boldly in those moments that I might hesitate. It should also help me reflect on my struggles and keep things in perspective.

I am aware that I might adapt to the stimulus and that might reduce is effectiveness so I will need to switch things up somehow.

In any case, I just installed the app. It’s called WeCroak. Let’s see how it goes(:

Now back to work…