Done is better than perfect

A classic one that rings true now more than ever. A bias towards action is something that I knew was important. Nevertheless, I never properly weighed how much it can affect your chanced of successful outcomes. Many people see other people with successful outcomes and think that they most have been lucky or they had certain privileges that allowed them to get a head start. And for the most part people are right on this. Bill Gates is definitely a smart guy but becoming the single wealthiest person in the world (1 out of +7billion people) for +20 years definitely has an element of luck.

However, I think people (myself included) tend to overweigh the role of luck in the outcome of successful people. I think that in many instances the likelihood of accomplishing a given outcome is much higher than it seems if more people when all on it. Maybe I am too naive or too ignorant but I believe that if you work towards something, adjust your tactic based on what you learn, and more importantly you persevere in the face of adversity, then your chances of success are much more higher than whatever the success rate for what you want to accomplish.

I think a lot about this in the context of entrepreneurs and founders but I do think that this can translate into other fields even if there’s the perception that those field require natural talent like acting or sports. In those fields talent might be an additional component but not a substitute for luck.

Regardless, I think that a bias towards action and doing things rather than waiting to be perfect can substantially increase someone’s chances of achieving their goals simply because you can’t win the game only you you play (and go all in!).

This is only the beginning of this journey but so far it’s working great for me and maybe it will for you too. Hence, why I am writing this post. If you feel that this might be useful to someone you know or to your network in general please be sure to share.

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