Disconnecting can be hard

Note to future self…

I spent this weekend in a beautiful retreat a couple of hours north of San Francisco. It was a fantastic experience with a wonderful group of people. Nevertheless, one of my main takeaways from this trip is that I have a really hard time disconnecting and I need to fix that.

But why?

What are we so stressed about? Why are we in such a hurry? There’s something about being in nature for a couple of days that really puts things into perspective.

Next Steps

I honestly don’t know what are the next steps. Where do you go from here? Just like many other people I met during this trip, I love what I do. I love to work. I love the intensity. Is this wrong? It definitely feels like it.

The Goal

I believe that the ultimate goal should be to always be present. This weekend I wasn’t able to do that. Although stress also had to do with this, I think that my inability to disconnect from work was what prevented me from being present. I think that this should be the goal. To always try to be present no matter what. This focus on being present can help us find better tools (e.g. practicing mindfulness) than just wondering how could you possibly disconnect.

Let’s see how it goes(:

Now back to work…