Decisive Moments

Note to my future self…

For a while now I’ve been wanting to come up with a list of decisive moments throughout my day. The idea behind this is that there are certain key moments throughout our day that have ripple effects on how the rest of our day goes. For example, waking up early means that you get to be productive in the morning, which then helps you go to bed early, which in turn helps you wake up earlier the next day.

This seems very obvious but I think that there’s some value in defining my decisive moments because it forces me to respect them. In other words, it gives these moments the importance that they deserve.

For my list of decisive moments, I wanted it to be as short and easy to remember as possible. That’s why I went with only 4 events and they’re at 6 and 9 AM/PM. I also wanted these moments to be actionable and not the byproduct of something else that I did. For example, I didn’t “walk out of my apartment by 8am” to be a decisive moment because this moment is really more the result of waking up early than the action of walking out of my apartment. Maybe there’s a better way of articulating this but I hopefully you understand. In any case, based on these criteria, here are my decisive moments in any any given day:

6AM – Get out of bed: Getting out of bed before 6 ensures that I can start the day productively.

9AM – Start to work: no matter what. This ensures that I don’t get distracted with non-essential work during my most productive hours.

6PM – Stop working: no matter what. This one is the hardest because I always think I can keep going. Introducing an afternoon meditation might make the transition smoother.

9PM – Lights off: this means that at 9pm phone is off and I am in bed reading.

This is obviously an ideal scenario and things will certainly shift around specially during the weekends. However, I believe that having these anchor points throughout my day should help stay on track and perform at a higher level.

I will report back with any updates.

Now back to work…