Cutting Corners

Note to my future self..

Today I finished reading Bad Blood:Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup a book about the rise and fall of biotech company Theranos and its infamous founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Although I tend to write less notes for this type of biographical books, I think that my one key takeaway from this books is that you should never ever cut corners. Temptation is like a little voice that will always be there and when the pressure to fulfill someone’s expectations (including your own) increases that voice gets louder.

It’s obvious that cutting corners is a bad thing but as with many other things in life the devil is in the details. I feel that all of us have “cut corners” at a certain point in our lives but we might not really call it that. We come up with an explanation because we’re fully aware of both a) the situation and b) our thought process/intentions. The truth is that people that cut corners, like Elizabeth Holmes, don’t always understand that they’re doing so or at least not the extent to which they are. I mean they are obviously aware of their actions but they might not grasp the repercussions in their thirst for success (or whatever it is that they want to accomplish).

I think that the key takeaway is to constantly repeat to myself that’s ok if things take time. All things worth doing take time and cutting corners (or taking any other shortcuts) might give you the perception that you’re making progress but you’re just borrowing peace from your future self to patch a problem that you have today.

You can’t hack true progress. Fake it until you make it doesn’t work here. Progress is hard and it takes a lot of fucking effort. Just keep working.

Now back to work